Wessex Archaeology

North Park Quarry

Watching brief and subsequent detailed archaeological excavation by G Santamaria of WA to the north and east of previous phases of work (figs 6 and 7) and an exploratory machine slot excavated through a possible palaeochannel revealed but not investigated during the 2015 season. The possible palaeochannel measured c 40m in width but was relatively shallow, at a maximum of 2m to the underlying sand (fig 8).

Queens Road, Bisley

Additional phase of evaluation by B Davis of WA, following work undertaken in 2014 (SyAC 99, 232), revealed no further evidence of 18th century occupation or for nearby Iron Age to Romano-British ironworking, as previously identified. Both phases of work demonstrated extensive ground disturbance associated with the former 20th century industrial complex that formerly occupied the site.


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