Possible glass slag found in fieldwalking by the Haslemere Group of SyAS could locate a furnace site known to be somewhere in this area. Occupation evidence and glazed tile could be from a smithy known to be here from map evidence.

Witley Park Farm

Fragment of Neolithic polished chert axe found in fieldwalking by Haslemere Group of SyAS and reported by I R Turner. (197). Nine other possible Neolithic flints were found in the same general area.

Frensham Manor

Aerial photography by K D Graham revealed the existence of a sub-rectangular double ditched enclosure of approximately 1.6ha. Possible IA date suggested by supposed finds by metal detector users of IA and Roman Republican coins in this area. Fieldwaiking of field immediately to west revealed a late 1st to early 2nd century RB site. (194; see note in this volume by David Graham and R A Merson)

Cranleigh Rectory

Excavation by Judie English for SyAS in advance of redevelopment. A section to the NW of the present house showed that the moat had been recut recently, possibly in 1863 when the house was built. A trench on the island SE of the house produced evidence for a clay layer with associated pottery of the 12th to early 13th centuries. (206)


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