Farnham Park

Excavation by K D Graham and Anna Mercer for the Farnham Museum Society and Waverley District Council of a probably 17th century tile kiln producing a variety of tiles. (actually medieval)

Witley Church

Excavation by J R Turner for Haslemere Group of SyAS of part of the south side of the nave revealed no trace of a previous church, but it was not possible to dig right alongside the south wall footing. A series of greensand floors, some lime-washed, were noted, and tentatively dated from the 12th to the mid-13th centuries. (187)


Possible glass slag found in fieldwalking by the Haslemere Group of SyAS could locate a furnace site known to be somewhere in this area. Occupation evidence and glazed tile could be from a smithy known to be here from map evidence.

Witley Park Farm

Fragment of Neolithic polished chert axe found in fieldwalking by Haslemere Group of SyAS and reported by I R Turner. (197). Nine other possible Neolithic flints were found in the same general area.


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