Land at Priory Orchard, Station Road, Godalming (

A second phase of excavation by N Randall of SCAU, following an earlier archaeological evaluation (SyAC 99, 237) that revealed part of a previously unknown early medieval Christian burial ground, confirmed the extent of the burial ground, from which a further 225 in-situ inhumations were excavated, and revealed part of a tannery complex. A mitigation strategy was developed by which a substantial proportion of the inhumations within the development area were left in situ beneath landscaped and car park areas. Radiocarbon dating and artefactual evidence, as well as burial practices associated with late Saxon origins, indicate that the cemetery was in use from the 9th to the early 13th centuries. It is suggested that the Priory Orchard cemetery originally lay between the core of early settlement in Godalming, in the Mint Street/Upper Church Street area, and the church. The early date of the cemetery may imply that the transfer of minster functions to Godalming church from the ‘old minster’ at Tuesley had occurred by the 9th century.