26 Old Palace Road, Weybridge

A watching brief by R Poulton & N Hembrey of SCAU, for Elmbridge Borough Council, on works to underpin the foundations of the house, which lies within the scheduled site of Oatlands Palace. A brick wall of the Tudor palace was observed, which may be associated with the Buttery, based on Gough’s drawing c1600.

Land off Mill Road, Esher

Evaluation by R Poulton of SCAU, for Orbit Housing Association and Hunting Gate Partnership, in advance of residential redevelopment. No features or finds of archaeological interest were revealed. Part of the site was found to have been badly disturbed and the remainder to be covered by alluvial deposits - suggesting the site was too low lying, and therefore wet, to have been attractive to ancient settlement. (321)

Ockham & Wisley Commons

Historic landscape survey by C Currie, for SCC’s Planning Dept, as part of the process for considering designation as an Area of Historic Landscape Value. The most frequent earthwork features on the commons are the large number of substantial parallel ridges, some up to 3m high and extending for over 100m. Most of the identified groupings surround former quarries, lending support to the theory that these features are related to mineral extraction. The remains of conventional quarrying are also highly visible, both as quarry pits and spoil mounds.


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