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SIHG Zoom meeting: Copper mining , two mines -old and new, and aspects of recycling.

The lecture covers an Industrial Archaeology trip to the Parys Mountain mine in Anglesey in 2012 and to a large mine in Arizona in 2013.  The refining processes are covered as are the multitude of applications for copper, stressing the importance of the metal. Copper is widely recycled and the talk will touch on personal involvement, making a contribution to a charity and the recovery of copper.    The talk will be given by Doug Bateman, Farnborough RAE and U3A speaker.

SIHG Zoom meeting: London Bridge a gateway to London for 1000 years


For about 2000 years there has been a bridge at the site of the present London Bridge and during that time London has grown from a small Roman bridge head and camp to be a world megalopolis. Until 1750 it was the only bridge in London and the next bridge over the Thames  was  upstream at Kingston. In fact , there have been a number of different structures on the site, each called London Bridge, and the talk will outline their story over two millannia.  The talk will be given by Doug Irvine, CivilEngineer.

SIHG Zoom meeting : When the Railways came to Guildford


The illustrated talk covers the history of the railways coming to Guildford in 1845 and its impact on the town to the various forms  of traction from steam to diesels and electrics of present day. A tremendous selection of unseen photographs will be included. The talk will be given jointly by David Rose, Local historian & writer and Geoff Burch, ex-railwayman and author.

BARGATE - the stone that built Godalming

 This book explains the geology and uses of Bargate stone, the history of the quarries and of the Bargate buildings, and of the people who built them and lived in them. Each of these buildings has a fascinating story and together they illustrate the rich and varied history of the Godalming area and its people over a period of more than 2,000 years.


SIHG Zoom Meeting. The Hidden World of Canal Heritage

A colourful introduction to the wonderful world of our inland waterways with dramatic engineering, unusual architecture, interesting landscapes, historic boats and lots of unusual and quirky features.  This talk will be given by Roger Butler, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.

SIHG Zoom Meeting. The Story of Shepperton Studios

This talk looks at the story of Shepperton Studios from its foundation in the early days of 'talkies' to its current role as the major production hub for Netflix in the UK.  Along the way are the ups and downs of the British Film Industry, and a surprising role in World War Two.  The talk will be given by Nick Pollard, Curator of Spelthorne Museum in Staines.

SIHG Zoom Meeting. Industrial Archaeology in Plain Sight

Talk to be given by Simon Ritchie.  The Ordance Survey has been mapping the UK for over 200 years. Until recently they used simple mathematics, theodolities and a network of benchmarks and trig points to achieve one metre accuracy, a triumph of engineering in its day. This network is now redundant and beginning to need conservation, but nobody is picking up that responsibility.


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