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Marvellous Metal Detecting


The next Museum kids Club is Metal Detecting!

Towards the end of the 1960s a new technology appeared that would change the finding of objects from the past to the mainstream public. The hobby of metal detecting had been born.

Early metal detectors were quite rudimentary. Their basic design gave them the appearance of a simple transistor radio attached to a stick with a small coil on the end.

Bat Boat to Red Arrows – the story of Kingston’s aviation industry; Sopwith, Hawker, Hawker Siddeley and British Aerospace


Talk by Chris Farara, The Hawker Association
Part of the 41st Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures in Guildford (SIHG Map).
Single lectures £5, payable on the night.
Enquiries to Bob Bryson, 01483 577809,

The Battle of the Somme


 The first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916, claimed 57,540 British and Commonwealth casualties; 2 for every yard of the battle front. Just 141 days later, when the offensive ended, a huge total of 420,000 Allied men had been killed or wounded, including 70 men from Epsom and Ewell.

Learn about one of the darkest days for the British Army  and discover why the human cost was so high.  See the weapons and equipment  that the troops used to live and fight .

A pdf with full information is attached.


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