Vile Victorian Jobs

Saturday, 8 October, 2016 - 13:00 to 14:30

Discover the worst jobs for children during the Victorian period!   Many Victorian children were poor and worked to help their families. Few people thought this strange or cruel. Families got no money unless they worked, and most people thought work was good for children. Many job done by children, because children were cheap - a child was paid less than adults (just a few pennies for a week's work). Children worked on farms, in homes as servants, and in factories. Children often did jobs that required small size and nimble fingers. But they also pushed heavy coal trucks along tunnels in coal mines. Boys went to sea, as boy-sailors, and girls went 'into service' as housemaids. Children worked on city streets, selling things such as flowers, matches and ribbons. Crossing boys swept the roads clean of horse-dung and rubbish left by the horses that pulled carts and carriages. Even making everyday items for the home could be fatal. The porcelain industry, with its lead glaze. Wallpaper making with arsenic in the green dyes. Match making using Sulphur. The risks in other factories from iron shaving with the needlers, to the fibres and machinery in carpet makings.

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