Mole Valley

Cherkley Court, Reigate Road, Leatherhead

Watching brief by I Hogg of ASE during the excavation of a service trench adjacent to the Roman road Stane Street, including a directional borehole beneath it and the removal of some of the protective surface covering the Roman road. Natural chalk deposits were recorded in one borehole entry pit and the service trench. Across much of the area, the natural deposits were directly overlain by topsoil; in one entry pit modern made-ground was overlain by topsoil. No archaeological remains were encountered during the monitoring and no disturbance to Stane Street was recorded.

The Park, Great Bookham

A second season of excavation by L Spencer of SyAS on the postulated site of Bookham Courte revealed more of the demolition layer uncovered in 2014 (SyAC 99, 224) from which medieval pottery dated to 1250 to 1500 was recovered. Beneath the demolition rubble, a succession of largely sterile deposits overlay a chalk surface. A line of one or two courses of large flat-topped chalk blocks was revealed in the west of the site though, given its narrow width, it was unclear whether this constituted a wall foundation.

Cocks Farm villa, Abinger

Further excavation by the Roman Studies Group of SyAS led by D Bird in the field to the north-east of the Scheduled villa area revealed evidence for probably two consecutive later Iron Age enclosures on the hilltop together with eleven flat-bottomed pits to add to the three found in 2014. Quernstones and other finds confirmed the idea that these were probably for grain storage. Burnt clay, probably from wattle-and-daub oven domes and large quantities of burnt carrstone in pit fills, suggested Late Iron Age activity.

Buckland to Outwood water main

Evaluation and subsequent excavation by G Dawkes of ASE along the c17km route, from Buckland Pumping Station in the west to the Outwood Reservoir in the east. Two sites of particular archaeological significance were identified: a prehistoric and Roman site in the vicinity of Buckland village, immediately south of the A25, and a medieval site located to the north of Buckland, adjacent to Glebe House on Rectory Lane.


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