Mole Valley

Denbies Vineyard, Dorking

Geophysical and metal detector survey by T Schofield and M Sommers of Suffolk Archaeology Community Interest Company confirmed the location of a buried Second World War tank, one of a pair of Covenanter Mk III (Cruiser V) tanks known to have been buried at the site, the first of which was excavated in 1977 and is currently on display in the Bovington Tank Museum, Dorset. An area of magnetic enhancement was also identified that may identify the location of the first tank that was excavated.


Excavation and test pitting by R Hooker of SyAS, following on from two previous seasons (SyAC 101, 219), confirmed the existence of a series of ditches and further revealed their extent. Three parallel ditches oriented approximately north-east/south-west, two of which are in excess of 40m long, may form the southern boundary of an enclosure, a theory supported by the discovery of a north–south oriented ditch to their west and an apparent lack of any archaeological features to its west.

Station Works, Woodfield, Ashtead

Historic building recording by S Angell of CBAS of a substantial, 20th century double-winged hut prior to its demolition. The structure had probably been relocated from elsewhere and may have been modified at that time to fit the available space between the adjacent railway line and Woodfield Road. Its original construction probably dates to the First World War and based on similar structures, its size and form suggest that it was built for use as a YMCA hut or for administrative operations within a troop training camp.

The Camp, Ashtead Common, Ashtead

A test pit evaluation by W Weller of SCAU within the triangular earthwork known as ‘The Camp’, undertaken in response to an illegal metal detecting incident that uncovered three hammered bronze items, including a nearly intact bowl. A number of replaced ‘plugs’ resulting from the incident were identified and a 2m2 test pit was excavated around one of them, deemed the most plausible for the source of the items.


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