Denbies Vineyard, Dorking

Geophysical and metal detector survey by T Schofield and M Sommers of Suffolk Archaeology Community Interest Company confirmed the location of a buried Second World War tank, one of a pair of Covenanter Mk III (Cruiser V) tanks known to have been buried at the site, the first of which was excavated in 1977 and is currently on display in the Bovington Tank Museum, Dorset. An area of magnetic enhancement was also identified that may identify the location of the first tank that was excavated. The subsequent excavation of the Covenanter tank by S Taylor and R Wedlock on behalf of Emporium Productions Ltd, the producers of the television programme WW2 Treasure Hunters, was not carried out under archaeological conditions and only a brief photographic record was maintained. The metal detector survey, encompassing an area of c 9ha, recorded a number of items dating to the Second World War. Primarily relating to munitions, they suggest the site was a former training area.