83 High Street, Guildford

Identification by GMVEU of a 13th century barrel-vaulted undercroft with a 16th century timber-framed building above. The undercroft had a central doorway from the street and did not project above street level. A blocked door and window on the east side were also noted. (282; 284)

Millmead Road, Guildford

Observation by GMVEU of the construction of a wet well by Guildford Borough Council and Thames Water Utilities located substantial quantities of worked timbers dated to the medieval period and thought to represent a wharf. Medieval and post-medieval leather, pottery and metal finds were recovered from the spoil. (282)

Henley Grove

Observation of levelling of ground in allotments and fieldwalking nearby by D Montgomery recovered over 200 pieces of crudely struck flint with thick patination, including one heavy scraper. The material is mostly primary and secondary flakes and may be largely accidental. (275)


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