centred, Mickleham Downs

Survey of the archaeological and historic landscape of the Downs by C Currie of CKC Archaeology, for SCC and SyAS, with reference to them being proposed as Areas of Historic Landscape. The work is ongoing and is being carried out as part of the Community Archaeological Programme. A number of archaeological features were discovered and recorded including a group of possible Bronze Age barrows in an area recently cleared of woodland cover, and a deserted medieval hamlet formerly known as Poneshurst. Documentary evidence records possibly five different houses here in the early 14th century, but much of the site has now either been built over or was covered by Tyrell’s Wood Golf Course when it was built in the 1930s. Three hillside ponds, created to provide a water supply from springs near the top of the hill now covered by Nower Wood, are undated; although Norwood Wood was a former common pasture until taken into private hands following an agreement with the local villagers in 1789. (Link below is to vol 1. Link to vol 2 is doi: 10.5284/1006609 )