48-54, High Street, Bagshot

Further work on site was carried out by G H Cole for Surrey Heath Group of SyAS. A further length of a ditch seen in 1983 was Located; it contained several sherds of grass or chaff-tempered pottery. Also found was evidence for a well-preserved timber post and plank building of AD 1250 to 1350 replaced by a late 14th century post-built structure (partially seen in 1984/85). A complete wooden barrel, set in puddled clay, was thought to underlie the levels dated 1250-1350, and beneath it was found a complete wooden bowl. More information was gained about the 17th century tavern (? The Red Lyon) first located in 1983; it is now thought that there were at least two phases starting in the late 16th century and finishing before 1650. Finds from the first phase included a leather-bound wooden dagger sheath and a mass of chain mail. The 18th century New Red Lion was also further studied and a pier or column base of an underlying 15th century building was found. (223)