Surrey Heath

Land north of Malthouse Farm, Benner Lane, West End

Evaluation and subsequent excavation of four areas by S Wilson of COT. Evidence was revealed for a small rural settlement dating from the Middle–Late Iron Age that comprised at least two roundhouses with associated four-post structures. The site appeared to be unenclosed but ditches and trackways suggest that it was sited in a managed landscape. Charred plant assemblages indicate a rural settlement with domestic activities, including a small amount of crop processing taking place in the vicinity.

St Lawrence’s Church, High Street, Chobham

Watching brief by P McCulloch of PCA on new drainage work through the churchyard. The churchyard is at a visibly higher ground level than the surrounding land, which was thought to be indicative of extensive burials; however, no evidence of in-situ burials, or any archaeological deposits, finds or features were observed. The area may have been extensively disturbed or deliberately cleared in the construction of the modern church hall.

Queens Road, Bisley

Additional phase of evaluation by B Davis of WA, following work undertaken in 2014 (SyAC 99, 232), revealed no further evidence of 18th century occupation or for nearby Iron Age to Romano-British ironworking, as previously identified. Both phases of work demonstrated extensive ground disturbance associated with the former 20th century industrial complex that formerly occupied the site.


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