Farnham Holt Pound community test pitting


Finding Farnham is back, and Surrey Archaeological Society is running not one, but two community archaeology test pitting events in 2019 in Farnham! 

On Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July, there will be two days of community test pitting (10:00-16:00) at Holt Pound, where members of the public are welcome to sign-up and have a try at digging, sieving or helping to process the finds. 

Free for all - open to all ages

All sessions must be booked in advance – for info, contact

Visit to SOAG excavation of Gatehampton Roman villa


South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group is extending its excavations at Gatehampton Roman villa, near Goring-on-Thames into 2019. The focus this year will be the bath house and exploration of  a possible new building. The visit will include an explanation of the site, a tour of the excavations and viewing of the latest finds. Whilst there is no fee for the tour, donations to the project are welcomed.

Following the visit to the excavation there is the option to stay locally for a pub lunch.

Visit to the Silchester Bath House Excavations


Excavations are continuing this year on the bath house at Silchester. For the visit Professor Mike Fulford, Site Director, will put the excavations in context, show the excavation itself and then show some of the finds. 

Following the visit there is the option to stay for a pub lunch and/or view the ampitheatre and walk around the town walls. An audio guide has been produced by English Heritage featuring Mike Fulford that can be downloaded to iPod, mobile phone or mp3 player.

Whilst there is no fee for the visit donations will be welcome to support the project. 

Visit to the Mithraeum and Billingsgate Roman House and Baths


Starting at  11.30am we will be having a private guided visit to the Billingsgate Roman House and Baths lasting approximately 1.5 hrs.

This will be followed by a visit to the Mithraeum booked for 14.00.

The Temple of Mithras was discovered in 1954, and as part of the recent Bloomsberg redevelopment of the site, the temple was reconstructed where it was originally found. There is also a remarkable selection of Roman artefacts found around the site.

Excavation at Cocks Farm Abinger


The latest season of excavation will take place at Cocks Farm, Abinger June-July 2019. This season will further explore Roman and Iron Age features in the field adjacent to the Roman villa first discovered in the 1870s.  The dates are:

Saturday 15th - Wednesday 19th June

Saturday 22nd - Wednesday 26th June

Monday 1st - Wednesday 3rd July

Saturday 6th - Wednesday 10th July

Saturday 13th  - Tuesday 16th July 


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