Zoom talk by Dr. Simon Maslin, FLO on the Elstead Roman coin hoard

Tuesday, 2 November, 2021 - 19:30 to 21:00

Simon Maslin is the Finds Liaison Officer for Surrey and East Hampshire. He has agreed to talk to us about a hoard of 28 Republican and early Imperial Denarii found recently in Surrey. At the time of posting it is planned to hold this talk by Zoom. 

The hoard of silver Roman denarii is a rare type of archaeological find for Surrey. With a suspected date of deposition falling shortly after the Claudian invasion it is exceptionally early, dating to a period for which there is otherwise very little contemporary local archaeological evidence. This date demonstrates that it is one of the very earliest Roman coin hoards ever recorded from the county, with local parallels restricted to the assemblage from the nationally important temple site at Wanborough, which was sadly mostly lost to illegal looting. In terms of what it actually contains, the hoard holds coins representing a range of well known historical characters including Pompey Magnus, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius and Claudius and covers the transition from Republic to Empire.




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