Surrey Archaeological Societies' Research Group

Grant application form

The Society will consider grant applications for archaeological work in Surrey if they are submitted using the grant application form. This is attached as a pdf. When using this form please use only the information boxes as seen without expanding them. More detailed information about the application can be sent as a separate document.

Excavation Recording Manual

The Research Committee is keen that our members should follow high standards of excavation recording and therefore wishes to encourage all to follow a standard system which will achieve the desired standards. There are many suites of documents in use but most follow a similar approach which is based on the identification, recording and ordering of the stratigraphic relationship of “contexts”. The Committee has agreed to recommend the use of the system currently used by the Roman Studies Group which has been developed and used over a number of years by Society members who consulted, amongst other sources, the Essex County Council and Museum of London Archaeology Service manuals.  

Research Committee Grants

  The Committee will consider applications for grants at its meetings which are to be held at quarterly intervals.  

The Committee is authorised to award grants up to £2500 within its allocated budget. Any larger sums will be presented to the Trustees with the Committee’s recommendations.  

If the matter is agreed to be urgent, certain officers of the Society are empowered to make a decision in advance of these meetings.  


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