Guidelines for intending applicants for grants

1. Grants are available to individuals, whether or not members of the Surrey Archaeological Society, as well as local archaeological and historical societies and charitable associations or institutions connected with the objectives of the Society.  

2. Grants may be awarded for the following purposes:

  • Excavation, fieldwork, surveys and documentary research.
  • The conservation of material of archaeological or historical interest.
  • Meetings, lectures, exhibitions, educational material and visits.
  • Collection of material relating to the prehistory and history of the County.
  • The processing of results and preparation of reports and material for publication.
  • Gaining skills that will further the Society’s research aims.
  • Other projects that will support the Society’s objectives.  

3. Grants towards the cost of preparing material for publication are awarded in the expectation that the work will be published by the Society. This might be in the Collections, Surrey History, the Bulletin or on the Society’s website. Publication cannot be guaranteed until the manuscript has been accepted by the editors in its final form. To assist the editors in judging the likelihood of a paper being accepted, applicants are asked to provide as much detail as possible about their proposal, on the understanding that this may be only approximate or provisional. This should include; Length: The approximate number of words, if known, otherwise an indication as to whether the paper is to be a major report, an article of medium length or a short note. Illustrations: The approximate number and type, e.g. maps, line drawings, half tones. Summary: A draft abstract should be provided. It is helpful to the editors to see a more substantial draft of the text if this is available. Reasons for publishing: new work, new interpretation, relation to other published work.  

4. All applications should be made on the attached form and returned to the address overleaf. Applications will be considered by the Committee at their quarterly meetings and may need approval by the Council.  Applications from non-members will be subject to a 10 day delay before response in order to facilitate full discussion within the committee.

5. Applications should be accompanied by a Project Design. This need not be to a standard pattern or very long, and may take into account background knowledge that the Research Committee may be expected to have. It should explain what the project is about; why it should be done; how the project is compliant with the objectives of the Society as stated in the grant guide; how it will be done; by whom; its relationship, if any, to the Surrey Research framework; how much it will cost; and when and how it will be written up and the results disseminated. If possible this should include a list of likely/possible post-excavation work such as pottery, CBM, lithics etc, and if so, by whom or how it will be processed and reported, and where any finds may be archived.

6. Grants are available for expenses incurred after an agreed starting date. Payment is made on the submission of receipts. Grants not claimed within 2 years will be withdrawn.  

7. Contracts should be prepared for specialist reports stating the price, the work to be done and date for completion.

8. The success of an application is not dependent upon a proven record of work. It is hoped that recipients of grants who are not already members will join the Society. Grants will not be made to applicants who have failed to fulfil the conditions of a grant previously made by the Society.  

9. The decision of the Society on each application will be FINAL.  

10. Reports on progress must be made at the intervals set out to the person named in the grant approval. A copy of any interim report should be submitted to the Editor of the Society’s Bulletin. A copy of the final report must be presented to the Society’s Library.  

11. The Society must be informed of any plans to publish grant supported work in publications other than the Society’s own. Acknowledgement of the Surrey Archaeological Society must be made in any publication arising from work supported by the Society.  

12. Equipment or materials purchased from a grant shall be the Society’s property and after use for the project shall be returned to the Society. Applicants are reminded that the Society owns tools and equipment, which are available for loan to members.                                      

Revised: January 2013