Surrey Heath

Coombe Edge, Sunninghill Road, Windlesham

Watching brief and historic building recording by A Taylor and G Elliot of TVAS. Coombe Edge was noted as a good example of a small country house with a lodge and for its association with the family of Sir Ranulf Fiennes. Groundworks associated with a new house, pool and pond were monitored for remains connected with the route of the Roman road thought to run adjacent to the site, but no finds or features of archaeological interest were revealed.

Blackdown Primary School (Portesbery School) (former), Deepcut

Evaluation by N Randall of SCAU recorded an undated pit, possibly an earth oven, and two unstratified flint cores of Mesolithic or Neolithic date. Across the centre of the site were large areas of ground disturbance that probably related to the 20th century use of the site as military barracks, and the impact of a railway line that traversed the site during the inter-war period.

Kilmore House and Lodge, Camberley

Historic building survey by T Davies of WEED (Waterman Energy, Environment and Design Ltd). Both buildings were constructed in the period 1912–14 in the Arts and Crafts style. A number of features typical of the period, including an asymmetrical plan, extensive use of local materials and an idiosyncratic design that attempted to mimic the landscape as well as demonstrate piecemeal development, were noted. Many original internal features also survived and were recorded.


Two trial excavations by G H Cole in advance of redevelopment produced Mesolithic cores and flakes, medieval and post-medieval pottery but no structures. A stratified sequence of c 50 clay pipe bowls from the early 17th to the mid-19th centuries was recovered. (182)


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