Surrey Heath

Albury Bottom, Chobham Common

Earthwork survey by I Ellis and J English of SyAS of a Scheduled feature known as the Bee Garden. The site was exposed unexpectedly following an extensive fire on the common. The feature was recorded as a roughly trapezoidal bank and ditched enclosure measuring approximately 100 x 100m, with a surviving second outer bank in some places. A suggestion of a two-phase construction process was noted, although without intrusive excavations it was not possible to date any of the surviving details with any confidence, or accurately determine the purpose of the feature.

Park Street, Camberley

Continuation of the watching brief begun in 2006 by S Ford of TVAS during redevelopment works. Little of archaeological interest was revealed, although peat deposits were unexpectedly encountered on part of the site. Analysis of pollens from this material suggested a changing landscape, with heathland species predominating in the early part of the sequence, followed by an increase in alder carr and grassy species later on.

Park Street, Camberley

Watching brief by S Ford and S Wallis of TVAS revealed no finds or features of archaeological interest. An extensive deposit of peat was, however, discovered on the southern part of the site. This was sampled for its environmental potential, with results on its analysis expected in 2007.


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