Wotton House, Wotton

Evaluation by G Hayman of SCAU revealed the foundations of a wall, the bricks of which did not match those currently visible in the upstanding parts of Wotton House. The position and course of the wall suggests that it corresponds with a wall on a plan made by John Evelyn in 1651. A drain, possibly contemporary in date, and a layer through which the wall foundation had been cut, were also of potential interest, especially since a late 16th or early 17th century pot sherd was recovered from the latter. A further watching brief on this part of the site, prior to excavation for a basement, revealed a buried watercourse. The watercourse may be an earlier, perhaps original, course of the Tillingbourne floodplain, or part of an earlier moat that may once have existed at Wotton House. Unfortunately only a small part of the feature was uncovered and it is impossible to state with certainty which interpretation is correct.

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