Watersplash Farm, Fordbridge Road, Shepperton

Evaluation by N Brennan of WA within four areas of a proposed mineral extraction site that appeared to contain a possible 19th century mill site and a possible sub-circular enclosure. No evidence of the mill site was revealed, but the evaluation confirmed the presence of the large sub-oval enclosure on a slightly raised area of ground. The enclosure survived as a ditch, with no traces of a bank, and was identified in three of the evaluation trenches. The ditch contained a small quantity of Middle-Late Bronze Age pottery. Some breaks in the feature as observed on aerial photographs, and a shallower depth in one of the excavated slots, may indicate that the enclosure had one or more possible entranceways along its southern edge. A small number of isolated ditches and postholes were also revealed both within and outside the enclosure. Investigation of aerial photographs indicated that previously suspected ring ditches were likely to be bomb craters, and sub- rectangular features present on photographs observed during the evaluation appear to be the remains of anti- glider defences, all probably dating from the Second World War.