Homers Farm, London Road, Bedfont

Evaluation by J Powell of WA revealed features within twenty of the 54 trenches. The majority of the features were ditches and gullies, orientated predominantly on a north-west to south-east alignment, and forming part of widespread field systems. The features were generally shallow, which may suggest truncation from previous agricultural activity. A small number of possible pits and postholes were revealed, but no evidence to suggest the potential for settlement or significant levels of activity. Relatively little datable material was recovered.

Land at Park Road, Stanwell

Evaluation and watching brief by R Humphrey of PCA. The evaluation revealed a posthole, suggested to be post-medieval, and a shallow ditch. The ditch is considered to have existed as a property or field boundary during the 18th-20th centuries as it is visible on historic maps, but finds recovered from its fill could indicate that it was older. The watching brief revealed the continuation of the ditch, which contained ceramic building material dating from the late 17th to the 18th centuries.

Hengrove Farm, Staines

Excavation by J Robertson of SCAU in advance of continuing mineral extraction following work undertaken on the quarry site between 1999 and 2006. The work produced features and finds of many periods. Three tree-throw holes were identified that included Mesolithic flintwork of primary deposition, while many of the other tree-throw holes produced pottery and flintwork of Neolithic date. A number of pits of Neolithic date were also excavated and, like the tree-throw holes, were quite widely scattered across the area.

Watersplash Farm, Fordbridge Road, Shepperton

Evaluation by N Brennan of WA within four areas of a proposed mineral extraction site that appeared to contain a possible 19th century mill site and a possible sub-circular enclosure. No evidence of the mill site was revealed, but the evaluation confirmed the presence of the large sub-oval enclosure on a slightly raised area of ground. The enclosure survived as a ditch, with no traces of a bank, and was identified in three of the evaluation trenches. The ditch contained a small quantity of Middle-Late Bronze Age pottery.

Tilly's Lane, Staines

Two phases of archaeological excavations were undertaken within the Tilly's Lane development area on the north side of Staines High Street. A single trench was excavated at Tilly's Lane East between April and June 1999, with two trenches at Tilly's Lane West - British Gas and High Street sites - between February and May 2000. All the trenches lay on the gravel island, though Tilly's Lane East and the British Gas site lay within early flood zones.


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