Saxon Primary School, Briar Road, Shepperton

A magnetometry and earth resistance survey by R and S Ainslie of Abingdon Archaeological Geophysics within the boundary of the Scheduled Monument revealed three anomalies of possible archaeological origin. A subsequent test pit evaluation by W Weller of SCAU revealed a segment of a possible early medieval ditch towards the north of the site and confirmed that some areas to the south of the site had been truncated by recent quarrying. A later watching brief by W Weller of SCAU of 32 foundation pads within the south of the site, mostly within made-ground relating to the previously quarried area, produced some finds of post-medieval date with only one sherd of Saxon pottery found – the only indicator of the potential of underlying archaeological deposits. A car park extension in the north of the site was monitored but was not excavated to a depth to impact on the archaeological horizon.