Moor Lane, Staines

Excavation by C Challis and S Coles of TVAS following an evaluation of the site in 2000. The excavations took place on the west bank of the river Wraysbury in an area thought to have been an island in times of flood, and exposed features comprising pits, postholes, ditches and a possible enclosed area. Features can be provisionally dated to the early medieval period (11th--12th century), but pottery of Roman and early to middle Saxon date was also recovered. The excavation complements other medieval occupation evidence further to the west and in the area to the east across the river Wraysbury. Pollen analysis on a column sample taken through peat and alluvium in the northern part of the site shows a sequence of environmental history throughout the post-glacial period. A watching brief on other parts of the development site did not reveal any further archaeological deposits.