Land west of Long Lane, Stanwell

Watching brief by S Mead of MoLAS, for Sandville Properties, following on from evaluation of the site in 1997. Both this evaluation and investigations at the adjacent Cargo Point development in 1997 had revealed a number of features of possible prehistoric and post-medieval date. The watching brief demonstrated that the majority of archaeological activity was concentrated at the northern end of the development site, where what appeared to be a series of boundary or roadside ditches were recorded. These ditches were also seen on the adjacent site and are thought to be of 18th century date. In the central part of the site an east - west ditch thought to be of prehistoric, possibly Bronze Age, date was noted. A short length of ditch and a pit, both of post-medieval date, were recorded near the southern boundary of the site. The remainder of the site was truncated by a series of building foundations dating to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.