Corner of Battlebridge Lane & Wells Place, Merstham

Evaluation and excavation by S Weaver and J Saunders of TVAS, for HBG Properties, of a site to be redeveloped for warehousing, did not reveal evidence for the barrows mentioned in this vicinity in the Merstham boundary charter of 947 AD. The evaluation did reveal a number of dateable pits and ditches indicating the presence of a late Iron Age / early Roman settlement. One of the features was initially thought to represent part of a curvilinear boundary ditch, but the subsequent excavation illustrated that this was one of two rectilinear ditches on the site. The interior of the enclosures were largely open, but a a section of curving gully within the enclosed area could have a surrounded a circular structure. Mesolithic flints, one, possibly two Neolithic pits, residual late Bronze Age / early Iron Age pottery, and pits of mid to late Iron Age and Saxon date were also found during the excavation.
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