Chertsey Revitalisation Scheme: Phase 6

Evaluation and subsequent excavation by J Robertson of SCAU, for Countryside Commercial, of this redevelopment site. Evidence for prehistoric activity was recovered in the form of struck and burnt flint and a probably Bronze Age pot sherd. A sherd of grass-tempered Saxon pottery was also recovered. Well preserved stratigraphy indicated occupation in the vicinity from the late 13th century onwards, possibly associated with the medieval suburb of Styvynton, previously only known about from documents. In the 14th century a revetting wall was built adjacent to the Bourne and subsequently used for the foundation of a probably timber-framed building. Floor levels associated with this building included two hearths, one of which may have been associated with iron smithing. This building appears to have been rebuilt in the 16th century and to have been demolished in the late 18th century. (314, 318, 321)