Ashtead Common villa and tileworks, Ashtead

Evaluation and excavation by D Bird for the Roman Studies Group of SyAS, as part of a wider programme of work designed to gather together and reassess all available information of the villa site excavated by Lowther in the 1920s, and accompanying clay pits and tileworks surveyed and excavated by J Hampton in the 1960s. The work located the site of the villa, and a trench close to its frontage located the approach road to the villa. Two spoil heaps near the villa, and a spoil heap for the detached bath-house, together with the general location of this building, were also found. The westernmost of the spoil heaps near the villa was partially excavated. One of the test pits excavated to find the road further away from the villa, on the line recorded on the Ordnance Survey maps, located it about 7 or 8m to the east of the published line, and revealed it to be of poorer quality than the stretch close to the villa. A further test pit, in the area where the road was thought to leave the common to the south, did not locate the feature. Another of the test pits produced pottery likely to be of prehistoric date, together with burnt and possibly worked flint. These (and possibly a few finds from the trench near the villa) add to more general information about prehistoric material in the area and may help to give a context to the triangular earthwork nearby to the south-west. This was surveyed and recorded in detail by D McOmish of EH and considered by him to be possibly prehistoric in date. (394, 397)
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