Bronze Age


Watching brief by C Clarke of AOC during stripping works for the construction of a noise abatement screen alongside the A3. Two small pits containing pottery and charcoal, probably of Bronze Age date, were revealed.

Hengrove Farm, Staines

Continuing excavation by G Hayman of SCAU revealed further features of Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman date, as well as some of early medieval origin. Most features dated to the Bronze Age, and included ditches, waterholes, and numerous small pits and postholes. An area of concentration of pits and postholes is likely to have once been a Middle Bronze Age settlement, although no dwellings were recognised, and only one four-posted structure was identified.

Shepperton Studios, Shepperton

Evaluation by H Clough of PCA in advance of the construction of a workshop extension revealed two ditches of probable Bronze Age origin, a palaeochannel which may be prehistoric, medieval agricultural features, a late 18th or early 19th century wall, and residual burnt and worked flint, abraded Roman pottery and a piece of unabraded Saxo-Norman pottery. Subsequent monitoring of two geotechnical test pits within the proposed footprint of the workshop revealed only modern deposits.

Whitehall Lane/Milton Park Farm, Egham

Ongoing evaluation, continuing from the work carried out in 2003, by A Taylor of TVAS in advance of possible mineral extraction on this site. Material recovered included stray and residual finds of Upper Palaeolithic date, as well as Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age flintwork. Prehistoric, Roman, Saxon and medieval pottery was also found as well as occupation evidence of Bronze Age, Iron Age, Saxon, medieval and post-medieval dates.

Land at Painsfield allotments, Eastworth Road, Chertsey

Evaluation and excavation by J Robertson of SCAU, prior to residential development. The evaluation revealed five pits at the centre of the site, containing pottery of largely a Middle Bronze Age date, while towards the south of the site a further pit was dated to the Iron Age. Residual Neolithic pottery was also recovered, suggesting that the area had been a focus for prehistoric activity for a considerable period. Further excavation at the centre of the site revealed additional Middle Bronze Age pits, ditches and a waterhole, but no indication of structures.

4–5 Avenue Road, Banstead

Evaluation by J Robertson of SCAU prior to a residential redevelopment of the site. No features of archaeological interest were revealed, although some Bronze Age flints were recovered from the topsoil, which also contained a dump of demolition debris probably relating to a nearby building of medieval/post-medieval date.

537 Norbury Park, Mickleham

Excavation carried out in late 2003 by D Williams of SCC on and around the findspot of three bronze objects of mid–Late Bronze Age date found during metal detecting. The excavation involved one trench located on the findspot and a number of test pits which revealed that the hoard appears to have lain beneath a small cairn of tightly packed flint nodules. The cairn may have been created on the edge of a lynchet, suggesting a similar date for this feature. (378)


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