19th century

Bourne Channel Diversion, Farnham

In October 2013 Oxford Archaeology conducted an archaeological test-pit evaluation and watching brief during the excavation of a channel diversion at Farnham Bourne, Surrey (centred at NGR: SU 8472 4617). The excavation exposed modern reinforcement of the south bank of the water course together with two phases of probable garden soils overlying alluvial deposits. The existing channel’s location, above the level of the gardens to the south, suggests that the water course was channelised, probably to supply a mill further to the east.

Land at Cleveland Lodge, Westhumble, Dorking

An archaeological monitoring exercise and evaluation by Paul Riccoboni, was maintained on land at Cleveland Lodge, Westhumble Street, Westhumble, Dorking, Surrey (NGR 1670 5190) prior to the construction of a housing development with associated roads and car parking (Planning reference: MO/2006/1607/PLAMAJ). Four site visits were made by supervisory staff from ASE between the 30th May 2007 and 14th August 2007. Archaeological monitoring took place along the line of the temporary road, which traversed the site.

Forge Cottage, Thursley Road, Elstead

Watching brief by K Butler of CBAS revealed no archaeological features, although two pottery sherds dating to the Saxo-Norman period were recovered from the topsoil, suggesting possible early medieval activity on or near the site. The majority of the artefacts recovered during the watching brief were dated to the mid–late 16th century, contemporary with Forge Cottage. Other pottery recovered was of the early post-medieval period, although the largest quantity was of 19th century date.

Land at Wick Green, Englefield Green

Evaluation by H Nicholls of ASE recorded a large ditch, probably a post-medieval field boundary, in the south of the site, while a series of shallow gullies in the north of the site were interpreted as plantings rows or irrigation channels. One was dated as 18th to mid-19th century, with a small assemblage of finds of the same date range recovered from the topsoil.


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