19th century

2-12 Clarence Street, Staines

Excavation and site observation by P M G Jones for SCC and McKay Securities in advance of redevelopment examined a site at the confluence of the Thames and the Colne (as it existed from the late RB to the end of the Medieval period). Prehistoric peats and clays were found, cut by a late 1st or early 2nd century RB ditch containing leather offcuts and articles; any other RB levels must have been destroyed by later flood action .

Bocketts Farm and Thorncroft area, Leatherhead

Report on detailed fieldwalking of 96ha (237 acres) by S P Dyer and Judie English for the SyAS Surrey Historic Landscapes Project Team. A thin scatter of worked flint was found throughout the area; mostly Neolithic with some Mesolithic and some BA. Sherds of Neolithic and BA pottery were also found. Aerial photographic evidence shows that the higher ground around Bocketts Farm is covered by a Celtic field system, perhaps to be associated with the known occupation site at Hawks Hill, but no Iron Age pottery has yet been found.

Town Hall, Staines

A watching brief on groundworks at the Town Hall and some excavation was carried out by P M G Jones of SCAU for Spelthorne Borough Council. This confirmed that the building lay over medieval and Roman near-shore muds and silts which were sealed below 16th-17th century levels, probably representing foreshore reclamation. A reed peat filled feature of 15th century date was recorded, which contained numerous cut offs of wood and scraps of leather. The earliest buildings on the site appear to be late 15th or 16th century in date.

The Cage, Reigate

Observation of works within the Cage by S P Dyer for SCAU and the Hancock Ward Company located two floor levels, but the lowest is thought to have been not more than 100 years old. There were no other discoveries of archaeological interest. (279)


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