19th century

13 Bell Street Reigate

Observation by D W Williams for the Hygate Partnership of the digging of foundation trenches revealed a stone wall probably dated post 1800 with an associated chalk surface. Beneath this surface deposits of late 12th/early 13th century date were found. (280)

17 Tunsgate, Guildford

Several features identified by GMVEU during building works, including four pits and a ditch containing 12th to 13th century pottery; a mid-13th century well; a 17th century brick-lined kiln and other evidence for industrial activity; 18th and 19th century pits. (282)

Brookwood Hospital, Woking

Report by I Devine and C Bartlett of a well within land proposed for redevelopment. The well appears to have been sunk into water-bearing sands, using the cast iron caisson principle. The date of construction is not known, but is likely to relate to the nearby hospital farm, Brookwood Farm, built in the late 19th century. (SIHG 85)

The Wharf, Godalming

Evaluation by S Dyer of SCAU (with volunteers from the SyAS) for Waverley Borough Council and the National Trust, to investigate the survival of features relating to the use of the wharf, which fell out of use in the early 20th century. The foundations of the Bark House shown on a plan of 1830 were found; the building had been destroyed by fire. The wharf structure itself was found to consist of chalk deposits with timber supports, covered by rammed gravel surfaces.

19-21 West Street, Reigate

Evaluation by S Dyer of SCAU for Roberts & Baker Architects, of land to the rear of nos 19-21 proposed for redevelopment, found that the area had been disturbed in modern times; the only archaeological feature recorded was the foundations of a 19th century outbuilding. (289)

Reigate Heath

Report by C Mann on the remains of over twenty open wells and some sub-surface concrete tanks, associated with the borough’s first public water supply - provided in 1859 by the Reigate Water Works Company. Water was pumped from the works to a reservoir in Reigate Park. The company was bought by the East Surrey Water Company in 1895, who continued to use the works until about 1930. The pump station was demolished in 1950. (SIHG 86)


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