Pre-Construct Archaeology

90–106 High Street, Staines-upon-Thames

Evaluation and excavation by M Edmunds, A Haslam and P Jorgenson of PCA carried out prior to and following the demolition of the former shops and residences fronting the High Street (Historic Building Recording: SyAC 101, 222). Staines-upon-Thames is located above a series of low-lying gravel islands within the flood plain of the middle Thames valley, on the north bank of the river Thames at its confluence with the braided tributary channels of the rivers Colne and Wraysbury.

Imber Court Trading Estate, Orchard Lane, East Molesey

A phase of post-demolition evaluation, test pits and strip, map and record excavations by W Perkins of PCA, following pre-demolition evaluation in 2016 (SyAC 101, 214), showed severe disturbance across much of the site owing to its former industrial uses. However, initial evaluation showed that areas of undisturbed land were present and the later phase of work revealed more of a series of natural palaeochannels, first recorded in 2016, threading across the north-west of the site.

Land to the rear of 1-7 Holly Parade, High Street, Cobham

Evaluation by K Bower of PCA revealed a number of parallel bedding trenches that indicated a horticultural use within the site until the middle of the 19th century, at which time a large residence was built. A brick-lined cesspit of similar date produced a number of complete glass and stoneware bottles, one of the latter stamped ‘Finest Methylated Spirits - Harrod’s Stores - Brompton Road’.

St Lawrence’s Church, High Street, Chobham

Watching brief by P McCulloch of PCA on new drainage work through the churchyard. The churchyard is at a visibly higher ground level than the surrounding land, which was thought to be indicative of extensive burials; however, no evidence of in-situ burials, or any archaeological deposits, finds or features were observed. The area may have been extensively disturbed or deliberately cleared in the construction of the modern church hall.


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