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Hoarding and Deposition in Europe


This Instrumentum meeting has been jointly organised by the Roman Finds Group, the Later Prehistoric Finds Group and Kings College, London.

Projects on hoards have looked at their composition and location. Recently excavated hoards also offer the chance to look at little studied aspects of hoarding as a depositional process, such as the environmental data. The conference will also explore other aspects of deposition.

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Great Super Heroes


At Herald of Spring 2019 there will be a Great Super Heroes fancy dress competition. Age groups: up to 5; 6-9; 10 upwards. Amazon gift vouchers as prizes.

There will be flower displays, a craft market, coffee shop and kids entertainment all day. Free entry.

A pdf about the event is attached.

The Epsom Riot of 1919


On the night of 17th June 1919 a knock came on the door of 92 Lower Court Road. The messenger spoke and left. Thomas Green, Station Sergeant, Epsom Police Station, hurriedly put on his coat and when his daughter Lily asked where he was going, he explained he had just been told that Canadian soldiers were about to attack the police station. She told him to be careful and to be sure to wear his helmet, but he replied that he would go in his own clothes as that would be safer going through the streets. He put on his cap and left the house, never to return alive.


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