Woking Palace, Woking

Community excavation by SyAS and SCAU, under the direction of R Poulton, of the Scheduled moated site. Foundations belonging to the medieval manor, including part of the great hall, were uncovered, and coins recovered indicate that the site was established by the early 13th century. The property was later occupied by Lady Margaret Beaufort before her son, Henry VII, decided in 1503 to develop the site into a palace. Evidence of this period was revealed in the form of foundations of an oriel window of the new great hall, begun in 1508.

Rosemead, Church Street, Old Woking

A magnetometry survey carried out in September 2009 by members of SyAS in a paddock referred to in the 18th and 19th centuries as Brickhill and Brick Kiln Field revealed strong, largely rectangular, anomalies. An initial test-pit down to the top of surviving archaeological layers suggested that the anomalies were due to areas much affected by heat. Later work in the following year suggested these were the remains of substantial rectangular brick clamps of probably medieval date.

Woodham Common, Woking

Topographical survey, geophysical survey and evaluation by D Graham of SyAS, with help from volunteers of the Horsell Common Preservation Society, of and surrounding two of the Scheduled barrows on the common. The work revealed that both barrows had been badly damaged in the past. Two trenches, one of which was located to investigate one of a scatter of anomalies identified by a magnetometer survey, did not reveal any evidence of Bronze Age activity. (419)

Manor Farm, Mill Lane, Byfleet

The first phase of an evaluation by R Oram of TVAS in advance of residential redevelopment did not reveal any features or finds of archaeological interest. The second phase, undertaken by A Taylor of TVAS the following year, revealed evidence of truncation, from both the construction of earlier farm buildings and the removal of contaminated ground, but again no features or finds of archaeological interest. An Anti-Aircraft Defence Tower on the site underwent a programme of building recording by C Challis of TVAS prior to its demolition.


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