Woking Palace, Woking

Community excavation by SyAS and SCAU, under the direction of R Poulton, of the Scheduled moated site. Foundations belonging to the medieval manor, including part of the great hall, were uncovered, and coins recovered indicate that the site was established by the early 13th century. The property was later occupied by Lady Margaret Beaufort before her son, Henry VII, decided in 1503 to develop the site into a palace. Evidence of this period was revealed in the form of foundations of an oriel window of the new great hall, begun in 1508. Work on the site continued under the later Tudors, and a number of brick walls, a brick hearth and remains of a glazed tile floor, all belonging to the 16th century, were revealed. Part of the moat, recorded as being infilled under Elizabeth I in 1580, was uncovered. The excavation also located an area where kitchen refuse was dumped, and this has the potential to reveal much about the lifestyle of the royal occupants. (417)