Vine Cottage, Sutton Park

Excavation by D Bird of SCC in the garden of Vine Cottage to test the results of geophysical survey undertaken by A and D Graham of SyAS and locate a buried stone wall reportedly found in 1832; this was thought possibly to be the chapel mentioned in medieval documents, associated with Sutton manor. A recorded anomaly was found to be a recent garden path and no medieval finds were made. This accords with the results of the excavations of 1978–86, in that there is very little evidence to suggest medieval activity near Vine Cottage (381)

Redding Way, Knaphill

Evaluation by G Dennis of MoLAS across a stream seen on historic maps, and which geotechnical work had reported as containing timbers within alluvial deposits. The two trenches revealed that the stream had been scoured out in the last century and a land drain inserted at its base. The only finds recovered were sherds from a china bowl from the nearby Brookwood Asylum.


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