Land adjacent to M25, Byfleet (widening of junctions 10 to 11)

Evaluation by S Dyer of SCAU for W S Atkins, in the area for a flood replacement scheme south of Murray’s Lane and west of the M25, in an area (TQ 08064 59290 to 03878 65072) where finds of several periods have been recorded. A large part of the site was found to be disturbed by the dumping of building debris; elsewhere undisturbed stratigraphy of ploughsoil over alluvial deposits was recorded. The only finds of interest recovered were a few flint flakes.

Brookwood Hospital, Woking

Report by I Devine and C Bartlett of a well within land proposed for redevelopment. The well appears to have been sunk into water-bearing sands, using the cast iron caisson principle. The date of construction is not known, but is likely to relate to the nearby hospital farm, Brookwood Farm, built in the late 19th century. (SIHG 85)

Mizen’s Farm, Horsell

Evaluation by J Robertson of SCAU, for TAG McLaren Holdings Ltd, of the site for the new TAG McLaren HQ, revealed a general spread of features of prehistoric (both Mesolithic/Early Neolithic and Bronze Age), Roman and medieval date. The majority of the features were gulleys and ditches. No focus of activity was identified. It seems likely that the settlement(s) lay outside the evaluated area, possibly near Mizen’s Farm itself. (321)


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