81-84 High Street, Egham

An evaluation and small-scale excavation of a site at Egham High Street located a pit and a gully of prehistoric date, several features of medieval date including a cobbled yard surface and midden, and structural remains dating to the late medieval/post-medieval transition period.

Land at Blackburn Trading Estate, Stanwell

In January 2013, Oxford Archaeology carried out a trial trench evaluation at Land at Blackburn Trading Estate, Northumberland Road, Stanwell, Surrey. Features associated with the early 20th century development of the site for an animal feeds factory were recorded. No earlier archaeological features were present. Across much of the site, recent remediation work is likely to have removed any archaeological features which may have once existed.

Home Farm Quarry, Shepperton Road/Laleham Road, Shepperton

A third phase of excavation by K Welsh of OA in advance of continued mineral extraction, revealed a considerable degree of truncation, previously noted across the site (SyAC 99, 232) that became increasingly marked towards the west. As a result, few archaeological features survived in the Phase 3 area other than a sparse scatter of more deeply cut pits, one of which, probably a waterhole, produced a socketed copper-alloy axe of the Sompting type, variant Cardiff II. The type dates from between c 800 and 600 BC and is found throughout much of southern England, the Midlands and South Wales.


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