17 Tunsgate, Guildford

Several features identified by GMVEU during building works, including four pits and a ditch containing 12th to 13th century pottery; a mid-13th century well; a 17th century brick-lined kiln and other evidence for industrial activity; 18th and 19th century pits. (282)

13-15 Tunsgate, Guildford

Test excavations in advance of alteration and extension of the buildings, by Graham Hayman of SCAU for Triggs Turner Investment Co, recorded several pits and some walling of 17th-18th century date. Beneath these features, pits, postholes and stake holes of late 12th-early 13th century date were found. The majority of the pits had been used for domestic rubbish disposal. One very large feature is presumed to have been produced by quarrying for chalk. Levelling into the slope for building had truncated features towards the rear of the site.


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