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QGIS course - Introduction to GIS and QGIS for archaeology

QGIS course - QGIS for archaeology

SHERF 2019 : Archaeological Sciences : BOOK ONLINE NOW

Surrey Archaeological Society AGM

Annual Symposium

Talk on the excavations at Colemore by David Quick, Chairman of Liss Archaeology

James Bromwich talking on Gallic sanctuaries

Excavations at Cocks Farm Abinger 2019

Talk by Dr. Sara Machin - The Little London tilery at Silchester - TBC

People, Places and Events: Local History from Journals and Magazines BOOK ONLINE

Wealden Geological Assembly

One Thames or Two? The Archaeology of London’s River

RAE Farnborough - 100 Years of Aviation Research, Development & Innovation

Members’ Talks Evening (free)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on Society

Gustave Eiffel - the tower, the statue and the man

Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, computer pioneers

Development, growth and decline of bus services

Great Canal Engineers