St Martin of Tours church, Church Street, Epsom

Watching brief by S Nelson of EEHAS during the construction of a disabled access ramp to the Church House, in the north-west of the churchyard, revealed considerable modern disturbance, possibly associated with the construction of the building. Post-medieval glass and pottery were recovered from the disturbed deposit together with a small assemblage of disarticulated animal and human bone. The latter represents at least two individuals, one of whom had a pathological growth on the lower leg, possibly from disease or trauma. The excavations also revealed part of a vertically placed, buried headstone from which the dedication was missing but whose owner was recorded as having died Aged 59 Years, and with an inscription that read: No Sighs my Death, No tears my fate attend. For Death gives Life, A Life that cannot end. Its location suggests it was reused, possibly as a revetment, within a now unmarked grave, located between two marked plots.