Priory Park, Reigate

Evaluation and excavation by J Robertson of SCAU, undertaken as part of the park regeneration programme. The area of the former tennis courts was evaluated, with evidence for the remains of a hexagonal dovecote, structural walls and a hearth being revealed. The area was thought more suitable for geophysical survey, however, and this technique was pursued here subsequently (see report below). The site of the proposed new pavilion was also investigated, with a number of structural features of an apparent late 17th–early 18th century date being revealed, including the staddled brick foundations of a likely hayrick stand. A brick culvert, which probably fed the large ornamental lake to the south-west, was also revealed. A redesign of the foundations of the pavilion ensured that these features – most of which could be plotted with some degree of certainty onto the 1770 plan of the park site – were preserved in situ. (403)