Land at Epsom Road, Merrow

Evaluation by R Entwistle and P Jones of SCAU prior to the creation of a golf course. The area of holes 10–18 was examined. The larger part of the evaluation area of hole 10 was negative, although a small number of features apparently of Iron Age to Early Roman date were revealed. Holes 11–18 were examined in 2007, but unreported at the time. A small number of prehistoric features were revealed. Additional trial trenching by N Shaikhley was carried out in the vicinity of the suspected flint mines revealed during the evaluation of 2007. Features of a similar nature were exposed, although not found to extend a significant distance from the nucleus identified in the previous investigation, allowing a possible protection area to be defined. A series of watching briefs carried out by T Munnery of SCAU on possible sites of interest around proposed holes 5, 8 and 9 did not reveal significant finds or features of archaeological interest. A soil-stripping, mapping and sampling exercise by N Randall of SCAU around the area of the proposed holes 17 and 18 identified a number of features, many of which could not be firmly dated. However, pits, postholes and a ditch of Bronze Age to Early Iron Age date were identified.