Broadwood’s Tower, Box Hill, Mickleham

Excavation by P Harp and S Hill of Plateau of the interior of the tower ahead of National Trust work to the Grade II Listed folly. A fill, to a depth of c 0.9m above external ground level, was revealed. The lower 0.3m of the fill produced quantities of unknapped flint, a few fragments of Horsham stone and two unfrogged, yellow bricks. The flints and stone probably originate from the structure, although no mortar was observed adhering to them. A considerable quantity of wall plaster bearing the impression of laths was recovered together with iron strips, hinges and numerous nails, most likely the remains of a wooden hatch that was fitted at the head of a former staircase that led to a first floor. A large quantity of broken glass bottles was recovered, one with an impressed date of 1927, as well as two stoppers impressed ‘War Grade’ and dating to the Second World War. Six prehistoric flints were also recovered, some displaying retouch or showing signs of patination. Their presence indicates that some of the fill may have been introduced after the tower fell into disrepair. The basal deposit, at external ground level, comprised decayed mortar that may originate from the internal wall rendering or could perhaps be the sub-base for a removed floor.