Ashtead Common villa and tileworks, Ashtead

A third season of excavation was undertaken by D Bird for the Roman Studies Group of SyAS in 2008, the results of which allow both a better identification of at least basic phases of the villa site, with stratified pottery and other finds to provide dating, and a clearer understanding of information in A W G Lowther’s reports. Further magnetometer and topographical surveys were carried out by ASE and these hinted at features crossing one of the three trenches opened, but nothing was found that related to them. More convincing anomalies were located close to the clay pits that suggest the possible location of tile kilns. A fourth season in 2009 revealed that the enclosure wall for the villa extended at least as far west as just to the north of the bath-house attached to the villa, a rough tile-paved area that may prove to be part of a tileworks structure and the remnants of a tile kiln. This resulted in a better understanding of the villa phasing. (412, 418)
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