Surrey Archaeological Society


Unusual stone from a late 12th/early 13th century context in excavation 1975/76 now identified by petrological analysis as burrstone from the Marne Valley, used for millstones, and implying a mill on this site 300 years before the first documentary evidence. Reported by R Ellaby. (Bulletin 156)


Excavation by R.L. Ellaby for Holmesdale Archaeological Group and SyAS (reported Feb 1976) revealed a large mass of Mesolithic flints in soil redeposited over a 13th century site containing two firepits. (124)


Excavation by Rosamond Hanworth for SyAS and DOE located the course of Stane Street as a terrace cut into the chalk, possibly by the use of a plough (check SyAC 94).


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