AOC (Archaeology) Group

Majestic House, High Street, Staines

Evaluation by K Bazley of AOC revealed a large linear feature of Roman date (thought to be a flood protection ditch), a post pit, posthole, pit and gully, possibly prehistoric and indicative of settlement activity. A medieval or early post-medieval gully, and evidence of substantial post-Victorian disturbance, including foundation remains of the Majestic Picture Theatre were also found. Further work is proposed.

Land at Hope Cottage, Egham

Evaluation by T Collie of AOC on the supposed site of a former medieval moated manor. No structural evidence was revealed. However, the remains of the moat were discovered in the form of a large waterlogged ditch, with the earliest fills dating to the late medieval to early Tudor period. A subsequent watching brief undertaken during the removal of existing foundations failed to extend to archaeologically sensitive levels.

89–95 High Street, Egham

Evaluation by D Eddisford of AOC revealed evidence for medieval occupation and post-medieval dumping deposits surviving along the High Street, sealed beneath the footings of the modern structures. Truncation had removed deposits in areas away from the High Street frontage however. Subsequent excavation confirmed this, with the medieval features surviving along the street frontage including ditches, postholes and a pottery kiln. An area of Tudor stratigraphy also survived, which included brick structures and a metalled surface.


Watching brief by C Clarke of AOC during stripping works for the construction of a noise abatement screen alongside the A3. Two small pits containing pottery and charcoal, probably of Bronze Age date, were revealed.

Mead Lane, Chertsey

Evaluation in 2002 by A Stephenson of AOC prior to a residential redevelopment resulted in the collection of a number of environmental samples. Completion of scientific analysis provided evidence for flood plain formation, together with the presence of woodland and grassland, as well as cultivated ground during the Early Neolithic. Evidence for woodland clearance and peat formation was also found, as were remains of beaver and domesticated or wild cattle


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