Land at Hope Cottage, Egham

Evaluation by T Collie of AOC on the supposed site of a former medieval moated manor. No structural evidence was revealed. However, the remains of the moat were discovered in the form of a large waterlogged ditch, with the earliest fills dating to the late medieval to early Tudor period. A subsequent watching brief undertaken during the removal of existing foundations failed to extend to archaeologically sensitive levels. A section of the moat was excavated the following year by D Eddisford of AOC, although the feature was not identified in its supposed location, indicating that the feature was butt-ended, probably to provide an entrance to the interior. The excavation revealed that the feature did indeed appear to date to the later medieval period, and had been recut at least once. Later post-medieval activity suggested that debris associated with the rebuilding of the manor house that had been encircled by the moat had been disposed of within the feature, indicating that it was going out of use at this time. The size of the moat, and the material evidence surviving of the remodelled manor, suggest the site was possibly of considerable status. (SyAC)